The 2021/22 season starts on Friday 8th October 2021 and finishes 18th February 2022, breaking for the Christmas school holidays. Our start time will be 5.30pm, with an approx 8pm finish. 

We will be having a Registration Night on 1st October 2021. This will run from 5.30pm-6.30pm with a barbeque tea available and the opportunity to use some of the athletics equipment. We encourage all families to attend this night. It will be a great opportunity to meet new families and their children. 

Due to the COVID-19 Restrictions, our season is going to start a little different! As per the Government Road Map, we cannot participate in community sport until 5th November, therefore we can not run an actual meet where we have competition. 

However, we can train at the centre. We are going to use these first 4 weeks to hold training sessions at the centre for all REGISTERED athletes during our regular Friday night time. This will provide athletes with the opportunity to learn the specific skills of running, throwing and jumping for each specific event as well as having the opportuity to practice these training skills in each of the events. 


REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN.  To sign up please go to

* Returning members, you should have received an email from Little Athletics Victoria (LAVIC).  If you haven't please contact email us

Registration Costs

2021/22 FEES

Our fees are $115 per athlete.

Families who have more than one child being registered are given a discounted price of $105 per athlete after the first. 

Please note the breakdown of our Athletic Fees:

$89 of the above fee price goes directly straight to Little Athletics Victoria. 

The $26 (for one athlete) and $16 (for all athletes after the first) goes to our club to help pay for the running costs of the season.  


All registrations are completed online, via the link on this page above.

Are you a New Member?

As a new meber you are entitled to two FREE trialist days within a 28 day period as a 'Trialist Athlete Offer'. After this period expires or you have completed your two free trials, you will be required to register as a full member to continue participating in little athletics. All new members please register

LAVIC have released a Trial Athlete Policy which outlines all the regulations in regards to the 'Trialist Athlete Offer'.  You can view this policy

What age does an athlete need to be to register?

Athletes must be a minimum of 5 years of age before or on December 31st 2021 in order to register.  Check out the Age Calculator on LAVIC's website

Covid-19 Safety Guidlines

How lucky is Rochester Little Athletics Centre (RLAC)! We are fortunate enough to be able to open our 2021/22 season. However, to enable us to start, we MUST comply with LAVIC's COVID-19 'Returning to Competition and Training Protocols.  This must be followed by ALL our athletes and parents/guardians so that we are able to continue our sport in a safe manner.  If we don't obey the rules, we run the risk of being closed down and not being able to run, so please be respect the rules and we'd appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding.



1.  Stay away if you are feeling unwell or sick.

2.  All athletes must be registered prior to competing.  If an athlete isn't registered, they cannot participate on the day.  For returning members go to  All new members please register

3.  We are encouraging a "get in and get out" approach at our centre.

4. Upon arrival, parents/guardians sanitise hands then you MUST sign in at sign in table (located at front of clubrooms).  Please be mindful of our up and in/out and down procedure at the staircase when signing in.  Athletes don't have to sign in.

5. Strictly no drop and run while athletes are participating, please remain on the outside of the oval near your car, DO NOT GO ONTO THE TRACK OR FIELD AREAS unless you are essential for conducting an event or required to supervise a group.

6. One parent/guardian per registered athlete to attend. Spectators are discouraged from attending.

7. Maintain physical distancing of 1.5 metres from other parents/guardians.  Physical distance doesn't apply to our athletes for "one the field play".

8. Do not gather in more than groups of 10.

9. You may be rostered on throughout the season to assist in the running of an event or supervising an age group.  You will remain with that group for the entire evening until your specific group has completed all events. 

10. Adhere to our Covid Safe Officals (CSO) or RLAC committee members instructions.

11.  No parent/guardian are allowed to enter RLAC storeroom at any time.  Authorised personnel only.

12. Please leave the venue quickly at the end of the competition.



1. Stay away if feeling unwell or sick

2. If you have your own equipment you are encouraged to bring it along to use.

3. Sanitise your hands upon arrival

4. Head straight to your age group marker and wait there.  You don't need to be signed in.

5.  Have your own drink bottle. Your group leader cannot hold your drink bottle so please make sure it has your name on it.

6. Keep your clothing separate from others, do not throw all your clothing into a big pile on the ground - give any clothing to your parents/guardian

7. Remember physical distancing of 1.5 metres - no high fives/hugs/handshakes

8. After each throw or jump you MUST sanitise your hands

9. Please listen and be respectful to your group leaders as will will be guiding/moving you around to all your events.


Officiating and parent helpers

1. We have appointed CSO's who will direct all our volunteers on how to run a safe and compliant event.

2. RLAC encourage all volunteers and parent helpers to complete the Covid Infection Control Training,  Its very quick and easy to do however, it is not a current requirement.

3. Please bring your own drink bottles

4. Duties will include; measuring, recording, sanitising hands and equipment between each use and between each age group. Long jump and triple jump will also require the use of rakes/brooms.  Gloves will be provided if required.

5.  Each age group will require at least 3-4 officiators/parent helpers per age group (depending on the age and group size)

You can find LAVIC's Competition and Training Protocols

For further information or questions on our Covid Safety Protocols please do not hesitate to contact us at


2021/22 Handbook